The Vanishing Thieves Hardy Boys Mystery Stories

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  • GoanWap.Com | FREE EBOOKS | NANCY DREW| ENID BLYTON. The (original) Hardy Boys Mystery Stories (1927–1979) The first 58 stories and the 38 revisions, along with the Detective Handbook and its revision, are considered.
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  • The Hardy Boys (Original series) | The Hardy Boys Wiki. The Hardy Boys or The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories is the original Hardy Boys series. The first book, The Tower Treasure was published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1927, the.
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  • Hardy Boys Online | Digests Digests. The 'Digests' are the official continuation of the Canon, published by Simon & Schuster beginning with volume 59 in 1979 and ending with volume 190 in 2005.
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