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  • Institute for Economics and Peace - Wikipedia The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), is a global think tank headquartered in Sydney, Australia with branches in New York City, Mexico City and The Hague.
  • About | Institute for Economics and Peace The Institute for Economics and Peace is the world’s leading think tank dedicated to developing metrics to analyse peace and to quantify its economic value.
  • Peace and conflict studies - Wikipedia Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyzes violent and nonviolent behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending.
  • Nobel Prize | Definition, History, Winners, & Facts. Nobel Prize: Nobel Prize, any of the prizes (five in number until 1969, when a sixth was added) that are awarded annually from a fund bequeathed by Alfred.
  • Global Conflict Tracker - Council on Foreign Relations Learn about the world's top hotspots with the Center for Preventive Action's (CPA) interactive Global Conflict Tracker.
  • Institute for Economics and Peace | Analysing peace and. Interactive Platform. Vision of Humanity. Explore the complexity of peace and its causes with interactive peace maps on our Vision of Humanity platform.
  • Economics News -- ScienceDaily Science and economics. Read the latest scientific research pertaining to economic theory, including practical applications.
  • The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict. The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict (Oxford Handbooks) [Michelle R. Garfinkel, Stergios Skaperdas] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying.
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  • What is written about The Economics of Conflict and Peace opinion

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    The Economics of Conflict and Peace

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