75 Years of Little Golden Books: 1942-2017: A Commemorative Set of 12 Best-Loved Books [Garth Williams, Margaret Wise Brown, Tibor Gergely, Eloise Wilkin] on Amazon.

75 Years of Little Golden Books: 1942-2017: A.

  • 65 Years of Little Golden Books: Golden Books. 65 Years of Little Golden Books [Golden Books] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This charmingly illustrated children's book set will take you back.
  • Little Golden Books Watch a brief walk-through of Little Golden Books history, including commentary by experts and authors, Golden Books Editorial Director Diane Muldrow, and children.
  • Complete Listings and Values of Big Little Books Complete Listings and Values of Big Little Books NOTE 1: These listings were compiled by Larry Lowery (Member #1) and John Hochstrasser (Member #1294).
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