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The Stolen Throne (Time of Troubles, Book 1): Harry.

  • Amazon.com: The Misplaced Legion (9780345330673): Harry. The legion was far from Caesar’s Gaul and Rome, banished to a world of magic and dark sorcery. Book One of The Videssos Cycle As they faced one another in a duel of.
  • The Two Georges - Wikipedia The Two Georges is an alternate history novel co-written by science fiction author Harry Turtledove and Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. It was originally.
  • The Man with the Iron Heart - Wikipedia The Man with the Iron Heart is an alternate history novel by Harry Turtledove. Published in 2008, it takes as its premise the survival by Reinhard Heydrich of his.
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  • What is written about Krispos of Videssos opinion

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    Krispos of Videssos

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