Heart CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations Volume 5

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  • The Heart (Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations. The Heart (Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, Volume 5) [Richard Conti, Frank H. Netter MD, Frank H. Netter] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
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  • 19. The Basis of ECG Diagnosis - Bioelectromagnetism When the heart's electric activity is considered a vector, it is usually easier first to examine the path (trajectory) of the vector's tip (the vectorcardiogram).
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  • 15. 12-Lead ECG System - bem.fi 15.1 LIMB LEADS PRECONDITIONS: SOURCE: Two-dimensional dipole (in the frontal plane) in a fixed location CONDUCTOR: Infinite, homogeneous volume conductor or.
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