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A marble bust, reputedly of Hannibal, originally found at the ancient city-state of Capua in Italy

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  • Keluarga Rothschild - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. Tentang keluarga. Anggota pertama keluarga yang diketahui memakai nama 'Rothschild' adalah Izaak Elchanan Rothschild yang lahir pada tahun 1577.
  • Encyclopædia Universalis — Wikipédia Fondation 1966: Éditeur Encyclopædia Britannica Pays France: Nombre de volumes 17 éditions Supports Papier, CD-ROM, DVD, clé USB et en ligne
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  • Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Britannica Global Edition. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Britannica Global Edition 2016, 30 Vol Set at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.
  • Encyclopaedia - History of encyclopaedias | Britannica.com Encyclopaedia - History of encyclopaedias: The first fragments of an encyclopaedia to have survived are the work of Speusippus (died 339/338 bce), a nephew of Plato’s.
  • Great Soviet Encyclopedia - Wikipedia The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (GSE; Russian: Большая советская энциклопедия, БСЭ, Bolshaya sovetskaya entsiklopediya) is one of the.
  • Encyclopédie — Wikipédia Une encyclopédie Écouter est un ouvrage (livre, ensemble de livres ou document numérique) de référence visant à synthétiser toutes les connaissances pour.
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